How to Clean a Large Microfiber Couch?

How to Clean a Large Microfiber Couch

A couch is the most abused furniture item in any house. It is the centerpiece of a living area and the very first place guests plop down on right after entering anyone’s house. Moreover, it is the most preferred sitting area for adults, children, and even pets. So, the end result is that your couch oftentimes becomes terribly dingy over time and needs to be professionally cleaned. Microfiber is a tough material to clean because of its dirt-attracting properties. Hence, you find it difficult to clean your large microfiber Couch.

One of the best ways to keep your microfiber couch clean is to vacuum it regularly. As you know microfiber attracts dirt, so regular vacuuming will help in keeping the dirt level down and save you from the hassle of extensive microfiber couch cleaning every month. So, it is good to make it a routine to vacuum your couch.

Eliminate stains from your couch:

All stains would differ in their level of intensity. While some stains are easy to remove and need a brush and some water to clean it, others would require special microfiber cleaning treatment. The best means to clean any stain or spot is to spray a stain remove as early as it is discovered or created. Once the stain gets softer, then you can clean it with a regular couch cleaning solution.

Used specialised cleaning solutions:

Certain cleaning solutions are available these days, which are made specifically to clean a large microfibre couch. These solutions have been formulated to treat your delicate couch. You can use them. But make sure you consult the microfiber couch manufacturer or an expert couch cleaner before using anything.

Treat bad smells:

While you might be capable of eliminating stains and spots, removing foul odours takes time and effort too. Though odours would fade away with time. However, you can accelerate the process simply by applying baking soda to your couch, and then just vacuum it off. You must know that baking soda has the property to absorb all types of odours effectually. So, consider making it your weapon to combat the foul smell.

Finally, in case you have a steam cleaner, then you would find cleaning a microfiber couch so easier. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines given with the steam cleaners and be certain that you set the cleaner to the delicate mode right before you use it.

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